4 Best Ways To Make Your Website More Attractive

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Did you know that 48 percent of individuals mentioned that website design is the 1st determining factor of a business? Why do you think that some brands are more successful than others? Well, let me tell you why soon!

A brand’s website is one of the heavy contributing factors that affect the reach of its brand. Beautiful website designs are crucial if you want to give a good impression to your audience.

Here is an example of a very beautiful corporate website.

ITI’s website uses an exceptional design that includes big, bold typography, some subtle effects, and quality visuals. The blue button in the header that says “let’s talk” really stands out and encourages visitors to take action and get in touch. The site includes a blog that provides plenty of written content aimed at their target audience.

Apart from these designs, you can see that they implemented simplicity in the website that doesn’t confuse the audience. They allow their audience to journey with them with animations and object movements in their website that attracts the audience to read more about their company. This way, their audience can get to experience their website first hand. Of course, you’ll also find all the necessary details about the services they offer and how they can help.

Remember, there’s a first time for everything!

I believe now you’ve understood the importance of your website design? If you are, continue reading the next few pointers because what I’m going to tell you, can bring your brand far in the future. Give it some time and you’ll see results in the long run ;)

1. Your brand’s colour is your identity

Beautiful websites have colours that align with the business brand. When you design your site, you want to ensure that you choose the right colours. Your colour choices impact how people perceive your brand. It’s important that you understand what different colours mean and how they impact your audience’s perception of your business.

If you already have colours for your brand, integrate them into your site. For brand consistency, make sure you use the same core colours in all of your marketing materials. I mean, all!

When you choose colours for your beautiful website, you’ll want to stick to your same brand colours — about three to four colours will do great. You will have the main colour, one to two accent colours, and font colour. With every page you create, you’ll want to use these colours consistently.

Example: TheMeetUpSG

TheMeetUpSG is a prime example of utilizing the same colour scheme on its website. TheMeetUpSG used classic black and distinct yellow for their brand. They carry this colour scheme onto their website or even their logo.

This company is very good at building brand consistency across all its mediums. This includes Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. When people see the classic black and distinct yellow, they know what business they’re seeing. This is a prime example of how you want to keep your colours consistent and the nature of your brand.

2. Simplicity is key

You do not want to confuse your audience with bombastic words when all they wanted to do is to find out what you do, and this objective is achieved when they go through your website.

The simplicity and ease of use can make or break the experience your audience is having. Today’s digital consumer is looking to get information and transact when and where they want, from the device of their choice. They expect a streamlined and easy digital experience. Embracing simplicity in website design is one of the crucial factor to consider.

As a customer, personally, I feel that my eyes go calm when I come across a website that is simple and straightforward. That vibe makes me want to read more of what they do. Or even, reach out to them based on the personality that they have set for their brand!

Example: Apple

Apple is a prominent example of how it used simplicity as part of the web design concept. Apple used minimal noise starting from the navigation bar, to its footer that makes the brand looks unique and credible.

This company is great at using simplicity in their website. Starting from the display of their product, we can see that they managed to blend their products to the nature of their website. This is a great example of how you can have your website simple, yet with the correct amount of content to advocate to your audience.

3. Include visuals

An issue you might face is that your company does a number of things and you come to a situation where you have no choice but to include them as words. Actually, if you think about it, words are not the only form of medium to portray information. Visual does too. I’ll tell you how!

The power of visual context is of utmost importance. Without visuals, your website would be a boring and at the same time more complicated place. A lot of information that can be easily carried by visuals would need thorough explanation, adding to the textual content on your website.

Visuals are appealing and attract our attention, they help us to present information, explain complex concepts, and tell stories. Visuals can help us to make life easier for our website visitors and create positive experiences for them.

Example: Spotify

Spotify uses visuals to show, who Spotify really is. This attracts viewers to indulge in it. Spotify hey used its own theme colours to even match their visuals. Based on the visual itself, we can tell that Spotify has its own set of culture on its brand.

This company is the perfect example of how it used visuals to portray its business. While we easily forget written content, we are much more likely to remember visual elements and that is including graphics and shapes as well. This is a real-life example of how you can possibly add some visual aesthetics to enhance the glow of your website.

4. Home page should speak about your brand

Just like how a brand’s name is always shown in any packaging of products, it is equally crucial to show what your company does. To show what your company does to your audience, this is the chance for you to make use of your website’s home page.

Brands that display what they do, users are more likely to understand what this brand is up to. This also gives users the clarity that they are reaching out to the correct group of professionals.

At this stage, you might be thinking that making use of the home page to put up what the company does, only benefits the audience. Well, there’s a twist to that! It does not only helps the users, but it mainly helps the company to move in that direction.

Example: Mindvalley

Mindvalley uses space to list its motive. “The Future of Education” implies that Mindvalley is about education and personal growth. Along with the 4 words, there’s another guiding sentence to motivate the audience of why they continue to learn more.

This company is great in being the ideal illustration of how a business can make full use of its area. Mindvalley makes sure that its objective is being identified from the third-person perspective. Mindvalley used guiding sentence to support the main objective that builds certainty.

Definitely, there are other contributing factors that can enhance your website’s appearance. But personally, I resonate with these 4 elements the most as I strongly feel that if I achieve these aspects, my website design will be as beautiful it can be.

So, what out of all this resonates with you most?

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